Hi. Welcome to my World. My name is Michael Brin, and I am a professional photographer. What do I mean by ” I am a professional Photographer,” this is what I meant:

“I am a professional photographer that not only takes pictures but also feels and lives them.”

My goal is always to seize the moment that tells the world a story!Often people ask me what the difference is between a professional photographer and someone who simply takes photographs.
Lets put aside the definition of “professional” and talk about who a photographer is. First, photography is not a profession, it is a lifestyle. A true photographer practices his skills of observations at any given moment in his life. This observation ability, which is considered a necessary quality since the invention of photography, allows to see the moments that can become precious memories.



Photography is art

You can learn only the technical part of it, like drawing and painting, but the desire to be a good photographer or artist requires innate talent. A good photographer can make an ordinary photograph fascinating and unique, even if only a smartphone camera has been used.


Make Memories

My photos are dedicated to specific types of photography, enabling me to provide a consistently excellent, specialized service across all areas. We, human beings are very emotional. Life brings out the best and the worst in us. And all that comes out through the emotions. Photographs are the best way to capture these emotions. And as soon as the emotions are captured in a photo, they become memories. In fact, some of our best memories are from photographs.


Love What You Do

Excellent pictures are created from various aspects such as technical control, work experience, professional equipment and great responsibility. A professional photographer starts his day early in the morning, preparing for the photo-shoot and finishes late at night after image processing. A photographer often works seven days a week, with no days off! After all, who needs a day off if you are constantly doing the thing that you love.


Professional equipment

A professional photographer works with a variety of technical devices to obtain the best possible results. I use photo sets adjusted to the photo-shoot requirements, such as several advanced cameras, portable lighting systems, flashes, a variety of different lenses and many other professional aids. The high price of such equipment improves the quality of the photographer´s work and also increases the cost of the work.



Many years of experience, advanced technology, and operational capabilities – these are the secrets of my photography´s amazing results. I am proud of my work and enjoy every minute of what I do. I cherish compliments that I receive from satisfied clients and offer my gratitude for these compliments.

They say that a picture is a “Frozen memory on paper”, I don´t think that´s entirely accurate. Professional photos always project emotions, emotions that can be experienced again and again over the years

There is no need to be an expert in photography to identify the work of a professional. These are the photographs that take us through our past experiences, giving us a sense of participation in the event. Wedding photos provide constant memories which are full of emotions.


Finally, and not least important, I want to thank my amazing wife for all her help and support of my work and of course, for our amazing boys!

I love you!

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