For many families, pets are full members of the family, I doubt if you could find a family photo album without beautiful photos of pets.


Professional photography of pets is a fascinating process of watching the habits of an animal and demonstrating its most expressive features and qualities. Photography of pets in nature gives an opportunity to open the temperament objectively and show not only the exterior but also the character in all its glory!


In order to have beautiful pictures of your pet you do the observation and reportage photography. In that case, the master will simulate situations, and the photographer will shoot them. For example, taking a barrier, playing with the ball, soap bubbles, playing frisbee and so on. A photoshoot of pets in nature gives a huge advantage: the pet does not need to pose, it can run, play with the owner, which means that shooting will be as comfortable as possible for you and your pet.

If you are looking for classic professional photos of your pet; for the club or for publication, then photography of dogs, for example, will take place according to a specific plan; when the owner gives commands, and the photographer removes the objective parameters: exterior, general proportions, fur, teeth, eyes and so on. In this case of nature, photography of a dog will simply be an effective addition, it can be stylized depending on the breed, selecting the appropriate temperament, nature: rocky terrain, waterfall, meadow, forest, park and so on.


It’s nice to pamper someone you love, even if he can not say “thank you!”. A photo session with a pet is a whole adventure for him and a unique beautiful photo for you.


Usually, pets photographers prefer minimalistic photosets because it is difficult for them to organize space for an animal, due to the inability of an animal to stay still. Michael Brin goes the other way and always proceed from the wishes of the customer and the temperament of the pet. If we have an agreement with an owner that it will has to be interesting for the pet, then we are ready to build an interior of any complexity. But, of course, the beauty of photography is not in the entourage, but in the sincere pleasure of the pet from the atmosphere, that’s why the simplest minimalistic themes always look more touching and effective.

Photo session with a dog is a fun attraction and beautiful photos for memory. Why cheerful? Because not every day you have to watch your dog plays, flirts, and poses in front of the camera! Some dogs seem to have been born for a professional modeling career. If you need to present your dog for an exhibition or for a dog breeder’s club, it’s one kind of photography. If you just want a breath taken, classic photos for memory – the situation is different, here you can use youe imagination and build an entire interior for the pet.

Photo session with animals in general, as well as a photo session with your pet in particular – is a great pleasure for you and for your pet. Michael Brin is very fond of animals and always happy to welcome you to his studio with your furry friends.

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