Ira & Alex

As soon as my partner and I started the process of selecting suppliers for the wedding, I knew that
I could not compromise on the photographer. As someone that knows a few things in photography
and had experience working with a camera, it was very important to find a photographer who will
connect to the photography style that I like – knowing to use daylight and natural colors and
diminish the use and effects in Photoshop.
I was looking for a professional photographer, with experience and a lot of energy. Someone I
could connect to and would not require excessive price.
I met with Michael after the meeting with no less than nine different photographers (known and
talented in their fields).
I was ready to give up and settle for a choice (photographer) who did not quite fill my
When I met Michael, I realized I had finally found photographer with energy, professionalism and
fair price. A guy that once you see him, immediately comes the smile on your face and a desire to
be photographed. "He gives a pleasant feeling to those who are photographed" (a quote from my
husband who really does not like to be photographed). The atmosphere he brings to the shoot
gives confidence and as a result naturally beautiful, happy and unique pictures are taken. Pleasant
to be around people who are happy and optimistic in general and especially on the wedding day.
It is important to note that at the moment of crisis, when there was a problem with the photo
shoots location on the wedding day, Michael did not hesitate for a moment and worked with
assertiveness like real professional.
Today, when the disc is already in my hands, I can testify that the images were very high quality
and just as I wanted: with a lot of light, happiness and documentation of exciting moments 🙂
Highly recommend!
I've started to look for a good reason for a new photo shoot session…

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