Lena & Chean

So, of course, we did not look for anyone else. When you see Michael's works, you understand
that there is something else here. There is a professional photographer here, someone with
exceptional charisma, originality, caring and an amazing person behind the lens.
He is someone who makes you feel the most comfortable on the most stressful day of your life,
makes you laugh and enjoy the experience that stays with you for a lifetime.
We received so many compliments about the pictures (which were ready in no time), but what is
more important is that we received more compliments to the person who took part in the event and
not just photographed from the side. Michael is a person who feels the crowd, the friends and
especially the couple.
Michael Brin, the one and only, has become not only our family photographer but the part of the
Thanks to Michael, we love and appreciate you very much

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