Sofia & Dimitry

Hi, everyone!!! We are a happy couple who got married about a month ago:)) We wish to send
many thanks and blessings to our photographer !!! Michael Brin Thank you very much!!!! Everyone
will agree with me that photographer is one of the most important people, maybe not at the
wedding itself, but surely and certainly after it:) !!! And we won a photographer, who is a person
with a great talent!!! This quality very important and can be seen in his works. Michael is a
photographer who was comfortable, easy and fun to work with, he flowed with us in everything and
"urge" when we were arrogant, the atmosphere that was during the shooting was wonderful I did
not feel any pressure or stress (I think, thanks to him), I felt free. In the photos we were 9 people
and the tolerance that Michael had … I really salute him!!! A photographer can be good and
talented, but if you cannot lead the photoshoot, people get unfocused … and then the talent is
worth nothing!!! Despite everything Michael gave his 100 percent. His approach to people and the

fun organized all of us, we just enjoyed the whole time during filming. And it should be like that!!!
And of course I want to say a few words not only about the personal qualities … The pictures!!!!
Friends I'm in love with the pictures Michael took!!! In my opinion and the opinion of all our friends
the photos are simply amazing!!! Michael is the most professional photographer there is, a
photographer with a talent and I do not exaggerate when I say that he could not be better than he
was !! Thank you very much!!! I highly recommend him!!! Share the pictures with you … enjoy 🙂

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